What is it?

It is a lesion that produces pain on the lateral aspect of the elbow as a consequence of a degeneration of the tendinous fibers that pull the lateral epicondyle (radial extensor of the carpus). There are different types of epicondylitis depending on its severity (simple and complex).



The overload of the wrist and the elbow in climbing can produce a degeneration of the tendons that support it and consequently pain in the lateral face of the elbow. If the aggression progresses, an injury to other muscle groups can occur, with epicondylitis becoming simple to complex.



Simple epicondylitis: pain at the epicondyle level due to degeneration of the extensor fibers of the 2nd radial.

Complex epicondylitis: pain at the level of the epicondyle with pain in the upper third of the forearm (pain produced by compression of the posterior interosseous nerve).



It is based on the clinical history, intense pain in the lateral face of the epicondyle that is increased when performing force movements when extending the wrist. An approximation to the diagnosis can be made with the test of the chair (try to lift a chair with the elbow in extension), the patient would be unable to perform it because of pain in the elbow. Ultrasonography and magnetic resonance help assess the injured structures.




90% of epicondylitis are treated conservatively, anti-inflammatory, infiltrations and especially the application of an appropriate physiotherapy are able to cure the disease, in the most serious cases, surgical treatment with the removal of the injured structures are the solution in the healing of these injuries. The approximate healing time will be about 4 weeks, and the intense climbing is usually about 3 months.




The following video shows a series of exercises that could be applied both to prevent this type of injuries and for rehabilitation. There are more types of exercises, but those shown in the video are very useful for the field of climbing.





Polideportivo Ibarra (Aretxabaleta)

On February 16, 2017, Ekin IT offered a talk on climbing injuries at the Ibarra sports center in Aretxabaleta, coinciding with the mountain week, first presenting basic and theoretical ideas, and then presenting several practical exercises, which were very interesting for the listeners.


Bihatz Climbing Gym (Pamplona)

On May 6, 2017, Ekin IT offered a talk about climbing injuries at the Bihatz climbing wall in Pamplona, ​​coinciding with the inauguration events. In the first place, basic and theoretical ideas were presented, to later expose several practical exercises, which turned out to be very interesting for the listeners.


Climbing injury symposium (Barcelona)

On June 10, 2017, the Symposium on climbing injuries organized by Hand Therapy BCN in Barcelona was held. Members of Ekin IT had the opportunity to participate as speakers together with other internationally recognized figures such as Volker Schöffl and Eva López among others. The symposium was very interesting, with a theoretical-practical format by the speakers.


Indiba Meeting Day (Donostia-San Sebastián)

On October 21, 2017, the Indiba Meeting Day was held in Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa. On this occasion, members of Ekin IT had the opportunity to offer a paper entitled "Specific treatment after hand surgery with Indiba active Cell Therapy". The presentation was a success, Ekin IT was lucky to receive the gratitude and satisfaction from a crowded room.

In the following link the video summary of the congress is available:


Hand surgery session (Bilbao)

On November 6, 2017, a course on the current concepts of treatment of metacarpal trapezius arthritis was held at the IMQ clinic in Zorrotzaurre. The director of the course was Dr. Víctor Galán (member of Ekin IT) and more than twelve speakers from national and international level came to provide experiences and ideas about this injury, as well as different treatment positions that currently exist.

The congress summary is available in the following link:óvil


National Congress of Physiotherapy (Logroño)

Last November, the XV National Physiotherapy Congress and the National Sports Physiotherapy Congress were held in Logroño, La Rioja. On November 12 Ekin IT had the opportunity to offer a double paper entitled "Hand of the climber, differential diagnosis and treatment" in a very interesting format, since, thanks to the collaboration of ATM, he was able to have both an Indiba machine and an ultrasound for the practical session. The format of the talk was theoretical-practical, and the duration of the talk was 1h 15 min, giving time to make a complete approach.


Bilbao Mendifilm Festival

Last December, Ekin IT organized a Workshop for the third time in a row at the Bilbao Mendifilm Festival. This time the workshop protagonists were the young climbers, titled "Climbing, game or Olympic sport?". In the Workshop we were fortunate to have renowned collaborators such as David Maçia, Joxean Mulas, Esther Cruz or Gianni Faggiana among others. The Workshop was very productive according to the listeners and the collaborators themselves, pointing out the importance of holding more frequent similar conferences.

The congress summary is available in the following link:  


VI Conference of Interdisciplinary Physiotherapy UFA Meeting (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

Last January 2018, the 6th UFA Meeting Interdisciplinary Physiotherapy Conference was held at the Europa Palace in Vitoria-Gasteiz, organized by the UCA-UFA of Mikel Sánchez's team. The theme of the day was the Higher Extremity and Ekin IT had the opportunity to offer a paper entitled "Treatment of the injuries of pulleys" in a room crowded with the public and surrounded by renowned professionals, an honor and a pleasure.